Attractive food improves its appeal, its taste and its value. So let’s start by creating beautiful food photography for your menu.

Creative & Attractive Food Photography

Presentation is key when it comes to food don’t you think? You can cook an amazing meal which leaves people wanting more. But does your menu and photography grab people’s attention in the first place? Food photos are always one of the first things people look at when researching restaurants and food brands. Attractive food photos will increase food’s appeal. So how do I do this?


Food Photography & Videography, U.K & Ireland

Food Photography Which Captures All The Senses

The essence of food photography is showcasing your food to look as good as it tastes. That means capturing not only the food, but the ingredients, the flavours, the colours, the taste, the dining experience and the food mood – engaging all of one’s senses in a photo. With creative food styling, I’ll aim to create food photography which tells the story of its creation. In restaurants, I’ll incorporate more context of the restaurant.


Food Photography, U.K & Ireland

Bring Your Food to Life

If you’re looking for more than food photography, I can offer you food videography. For this, I can produce a creative film covering your food and restaurant with a brand-specific editing style. This will bring it all to life and give your audience the opportunity to get hungry. Food videography is now one of the most powerful ways to engage your target audience and advertise your brand.

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Food Photographer & Videographer, U.K & Ireland

A Few More Examples of My Food & Restaurant Photography

Effortless Food Photography

I’ll come to you equipped with my simple set of food props, my Canon DSLR and creative eye. All you need to do is is provide the food and a clear vision of the type of photos you like. You can scour the internet (and your competitors) to find some inspiration. Then you can leave it up to me to work my magic.


Food Photographer & Videographer, U.K & Ireland

Food & Restaurant Social Media Marketing

You want food photos that’ll get their eyes popping; mouths drooling; thumbs ‘liking’ ‘loving’ and ‘sharing’; and bums up to make a table booking. Am I right? And that’s what I want to create for you. As an experienced food blogger with a background in social media and digital marketing, I understand the value of social media for your marketing strategy and reaching new audiences. Which is why I also offer Social Media Marketing to those interested. This includes eye-catching videography, food photography and social media scheduling/management.

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Food Photographer & Videographer, U.K & Ireland

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