The world continues to digitally evolve. Some business owners see this as a threat but why so, when you can see it as new windows of opportunity and expansion?

As a forward-thinking business owner, it’s important you consider the key statistics of using video in business. If you apply this knowledge in a smart way, you could propel your business further into the digital world we find ourselves in. Here, I discuss why video can be a crucial investment in your business going forward…

Video Content is an Effective Marketing Tool:

More video means more results for your business.

  • According to Unbounce, including video on landing pages can increase conversion rates by 80%.
  • Buffer found businesses using video marketing have 27% higher CTR and 34% higher conversion rates than businesses which don’t.
  • Consumers decision to invest in a product or service is also highly influenced by video content. Adobe found shoppers who view demo videos are 1.81 times more likely to invest than non-viewers.

Consumers LOVE video:

Video content is far more appealing and digestible than any other content type; especially written (Single Grain). It adds more value to our online experience; and that’s because a video is more engaging, memorable and popular.

Video Marketing is Social Media Friendly:

Social Media marketing is a whole other ball game but it’s important to understand how video marketing ties into it. Facebook has led the way for many other social networks to now prioritise video content. Which means the importance of video across all social media has grown significantly. For example, Instagram has now introduced its own TV channel called IGTV to accommodate longer video content. But more importantly, social media is often where your videos will be shared and watched. TechCrunch revealed 100 million hours of video are watched each day on Facebook alone.

I know, this is all very exciting. Video marketing is powerful in driving business and I’m not surprised your head is bursting with ideas right now but…
Before you jump into making your first business video, here’s some stats on viewer preferences.

  • Insivia found almost two thirds of consumers prefer video under 60 seconds.
  • Ad Age reported 33% of viewers stop watching a video after 30 seconds, 45% by one minute and 60% by two minutes.


Why is this?


It comes down to a current “poverty of attention” which Nobel Prize-winner, Herbert Simon, predicted back in 1977. He predicted we would have copious amounts of information available to us at our fingertips in the future. Which we do! Amazing right? Although, he forewarned such a wealth of information would also consume our attention. Long descriptive pieces don’t provide the same instant gratification we get from quick and easy content online. Which is why we struggle to digest long content without zoning out or losing focus. Unless of course, it’s super engaging and of high interest to you…

So What Does This Mean for Video Marketing in Business?

Less is more my friend. Keep it simple. If you work to create bite-size pieces of engaging content, you’ll have a better chance of succeeding with video marketing.

If you’re an anomaly to the above stats and have made it this far down the page, do you think you’re ready to propel your business with video? If so, I’m happy to help create new video content for your business, but let’s start with a friendly conversation where we can discuss your ideas further.

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