As a photographer, my mission is to creatively capture the candid beauty of the food we eat; the love we feel; and the adventures we take. To savour that beauty is one thing but to capture it on camera is another. I see it as a sentiment to our existence…

The Eyes Behind The Camera

I’m Georgia; but these days, lots of my friends like to call me G, and you can too.

I’m also called a foodie because I love cooking. I love food. You know the feeling? I feel it pretty much every time I eat – who doesn’t? I became vegetarian a few years ago which led me to found and now manage the upcoming food and travel blog Life Without Meat. With that has come my increased love for exploring new flavours through own cooking and eating out. Plus my huge passion for food photography.

I love adventure too. After wandering through parts of the world, it’s safe to say it’s mind-blowing in so many ways. On the move, I often have moments where I wish I could take pictures with my eyes. Where I see a passing-scene and think how beautiful that would look on camera. Though you often can’t capture everything when travelling and that’s ok. Sometimes you’ve just got to put the camera down and enjoy it but I do love capturing what I can. Including the places I stay and things I do.

The adventure of love is also one I like to experience. Whether that’s through my own heart or the story of another’s. It’s a journey that resonates with us all. I began taking an interest in wedding photography a few years ago when I was asked to take photos of friend’s and family’s weddings. I love them and really enjoy taking photos of everything that makes the day what it is. We all have our own love story and it would be great to get to know yours.

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I’m based in Belfast, Ireland but I’m happy to venture all around the U.K for you.

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